Makro Specials: Makro Online, Customer care, Deliveries & Catalogue

Makro Specials

Makro Specials

Makro Specials: Makro Online, Customer care, Deliveries & Catalogue. is an outstanding online shopping portal, and has been in existence for couple of years now. Makro is one of the dominating online stores in South Africa, with millions of customers.

Online shopping portal, since its inception has revolutionised the way the contemporary buys and sells goods and services. The emanation of the online shopping portal such as Makro, Takealot, Pick n Pay etc, has gone a long way to helping humanity by making life easier.

Makro as a company and as well as a subject matter in this webpage has strived to helping humanity by ensuring smooth and convenient marketing. With Makro one doesn’t need to stand in a long queue for hours for the sake of marketing. All you have to do is to log onto the website, and search for your favourite item and place your order, and in few moments your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

On this webpage, I have dedicated myself, to providing you with complete information about Makro, which I will focus on: Makro Specials, Daily Deals, Customer care, Deliveries and Review. So, as the wise ones said; knowledge is power. I will advise you give your maximum attention or listen carefully.

Without wasting much of your time lets get to the bottom line.

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ABOUT MAKRO emanated from stalwart warehouse chain, and now, it is necessary of the most convenient, reliable and fast online shopping store in south Africa, and as well as in Africa continent.

Makro has a total of 22 stores in South Africa, and offers Food, outdoor equipment, electronics, housewares and Liquor. With the above, it is crystal clear that Makro doesn’t only operates online, but also operates offline too. It’s is also known for its convenience and affordability for local businesses and households.

With online shopping portal as one of its digital offerings, millions of customers can partake in Makro’s daily deals and value-added services all over the locations which their tentacles can touch.

As far as this company is concerned, it has great extensive range of items to offer in its online and offline shopping stores. And with the same trading philosophy, that’s with same price and quality.

Makro’s first store was opened in 1971 in Germiston, since then Makro has immensely dominated the niche. And became the first cash-and-carry store in South Africa utilizing top-end tech for sales tracking & stock.

Under the leadership of Mark Lambert I as the Managing Director in 1989, five new stores was added. And Mark, had structured a strong crew and strategy that will expand Massmart – a major wholesale and retail group of which Makro is the flagship.

Woodmead was structured in 1993 and has since grown to be the most popular  retail store in the suburbs of Johannesburg.

In 2011, Massmart merged with Walmart ( US based retail company), this merger brought about expansion of Makro stores, making available more variety of goods at a competitive price.

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In 2014 the online shopping store was created.


Believe me,  there are very few individuals in South Africa that admit not knowing as one of the most popular online shopping portal. Makro is known for its moderate price tag on its goods and services. And it usually brings up new great offers for it customers. Some online shopping portals in South Africa are known to compete with Makro for its moderate and discount on products, and above all its convenience and affordability.

Like, aforementioned, Cambridge Foods, Boxer, Ok Foods,  Checkers, Food Lover’s Market, Kit Kat Cash and Carry, kwikspar, Pick n Pay, President Hyper and Shorite are few online shopping portals that compete with Makro.

Are you still looking for a place to buy your favourite items? Then I must recommend you using Makro, because its has great numbers of products for you to select from. Makro has its stores almost all over South Africa ranging from Germiston, Alberton, Bloemfontein, Boksburg, Cape Town, Durban and to Johannesburg, all made available for you to access and buy your favourite items. Nevertheless, if you can’t find your favourite items at the local stores, you can as well as check the online shopping portal @

Thanks to Makro Special offers, you can get discount each time you make a purchase, you must keep your eyes open by checking back on this webpage regularly. Makro  is known for its specials, during the festive seasons, especially the Christmas season. During the Christmas period you can save much on clothing, gift and groceries for the entire family. This company is convenient and super fast, and you no longer have to stand in a long queue for hours. Now! You can just access the website and search your favourite item.


Makro Catalogues 

Makro Specials



This is a section of a company that is defined to helping customers in solving any issues they may encounter when transecting or shopping with them.

Makro has one of the best and responsive Customer service – when you contact them in other to rectify an issue, they respond almost immediately the complaint is laid.

You can reach Makro’s Customer care for queries, feedbacks or complaints using any of the medium below, that best suit you.

21 peltier drive,
Kelvin, Sandton,
Private Bag X4,
Sunninghill, 2157.


Phone: 0860 300 999 ( General queries)
Phone: 0860 600 999 ( For online shopping queries)
Phone: 011 797 0300
Email: [email protected]


Monday to Friday                              8AM – 6PM
Saturday                                             8AM – 6PM
Sunday                                                 9AM – 4PM
Public Holidays.                                  9AM – 4PM

Please not that Makro is not functioning during the Christmas day, New year’s Day, Good Friday and Goodwill day.


Under this Heading, I will detail everything you need to know about Makro when it comes to deliveries.

  • Delivery Strength: since this company is a South African based shopping store, it deliveries can’t cross the South African boarders.
  • Liquor Delivery: it should be downed to you that this company is sensitive to the kinds of goods they sell and deliver, and to whom it is delivered to. It should also be crystal clear to you that goods like liquor can only be delivered to individuals or recipients older than 18 years of age. Also note that, delivery of liquor is specific ( it is always embedded on the liquor license).
  • Tempered Parcel: in the case where by your purchase is too big and cannot fit through your door. Please note that Makro will not be held countable of any damage done to your parcel, when you instruct the delivery service to modify your parcel.
  • Track and Trace Parcel: with the technologies put in place you can track and trace your order when you log into your profile. You will also be receiving SMSs when your parcel is on route to you.
  • Delivery Costs: cost of delivery is rated differently, which is according to; Area of delivery, Dimensions and Weight. When finishing online your transection a delivery fee will be calculated and added to your total amount. The minimum delivery fee is R55.
  • Order not received: the if your order has not arrived after the specified days or date, then call 0860 600 999
  • Time of Delivery: normally it takes 2-5 working days from the moment the payment is cleared. You will be communicated if there is any delay in delivery ( Monday- Friday         8AM – 5PM).
    No deliveries during the weekends and public holidays. It takes up to 21 calender days for online exclusive orders.
  • When ever you are not available to receive your parcel. Please call 0860 600 999.

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Please, if you have good or bad experience with this company I urge you to share, because your experience can go a long way to help someone in making decisions. You can share by using the comment box below…. Thank you.


Everything being equal. I hope and believe you enjoyed and loved the Makro Specials: Makro Online, Customer care, Deliveries & Catalogue. This article is here to give you definitive guides and head ups on everything you need to know about

Just you may know, this webpage is bound to be updated in the future if the need arises, so keep visiting. I love you.

Below is a quick rundown of the Makro Specials: Makro Online, Customer care, Deliveries & Catalogue.

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7. Makro Reviews

Conclusion: so far I have come to the end of this topic. Please be sure to use the comment below of there is any part of this topic (Makro) that is unclear to you, so we can serve you better.

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