Pick N Pay: Definitive Guides To Buying And Selling (2021)

Pick N Pay

Pick N Pay

Pick N Pay Online: Definitive Guides To Buying And Selling (2021).

Today, I will give you ultimate guides to buying and selling on the second largest Shopping Portal in South Africa.

Pick n Pay is both Online and Offline Shopping Store which activities and functions are confined within South Africa and other neighboring Countries such as; Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia,
Botswana and Namibia.

Pick n Pay is an outstanding and one of most popular shopping complexes as at the moment.

The introduction of online shopping portal into our business world is one of the best things that has ever happened to the way we buy and sell goods and services. This has enhanced and facilitated marketing by propelling it into a whole new dimension.

Most people like buying from PicknPay because of its amazing features which include:

High Quality Products Sold At Affordable Prices: PicknPay is known for its great reputation, this include high quality products marketed at a very affordable prices.

PicknPay has a good team and employees, and runs efficient businesses. One great deal about Pick n Pay is that its goods or products are refundable ( that’s for goods or products that do not meet satisfaction).

Convenient And Fast:  PicknPay is known for it fast and convenient mode of operation. Just like others, Takealot and Makro, it takes maximum of 2-5 working days for a parcel to arrive at a mapped location.

When delay arises, it is straightened and dealt with immediate effect.

Reliability: PnP is one among many online shopping Store s you can depend on, to deliver just as you wanted it.

It has, in all dimension proven to be exceptional in its  dealings. It is convenient, fast reliable and has the heart desires of its customers at heart, and working to perfect them in all ramifications.

Customers can send parcels, book flight tickets or book domestic bus, buy pre-paid electricity, top up the e-toll account and also buy lottery ticket.

Smart Shopper Card: get points any time you used your smart shopper card and redeem points on your purchase.

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In 1967 Pick n Pay Supermarket came into play, it is owned and managed as a family business. It’s affairs is directed and controlled by Raymond Ackerman.

It has its customers as its primary focus. It is seen as the number two largest Shopping Store in South Africa.

PicknPay provide groceries related items at affordable prices, with its headquarters in Kenilworth, Cape Town. It has its tentacles (branches) across South Africa, and these includes; KZN, Free State, Western Cape, Gauteng, and Eastern Cape.

This Online Store has grown very successful and has a lot sold in its Stores. The kind of goods or products accessible in PicknPay includes; household items, baby care products, cleaning detergents, fresh and frozen foods, personal hygienic products, Drugs, Liquor, Clothes and many others.

This Online Shopping Store has grown very successful in last few years, and expanded across the boarder of South Africa to other countries such as Mozambique, Mauritius, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zambia,
Botswana and Namibia.

2007 saw a rebrand of PicknPay logo which differs slightly with the its first logo, but has some important features still intact. The rebranding was later observed to be as a result of more hands into the business, which led to more extensions. Which includes:
• Clothing
• Pharmacy
• Liquor
• Organic Product Range
• Home Shopping
• Recycling Point
• Groceries
• Florist
And PicknPay is known to offer other services;
• Insurance
• Sanral Etag services
• Courier Services
• Financial Services

Pick n Pay Online

It’s no news that PnP is the second largest store in South Africa with its tentacles spread around other countries.

For long, this shopping portal has stood the test of time and has always given us varieties of products and services at affordable and discounted price.

PnP is majorly known as an offline store, with its online space growing rapidly at a fast pace.

And under here, I will put you through how to go about with its online processes, like buying and selling.

Pick n Pay Online Store only operates in South Africa.

Currently, it’s the largest online grocery portal in South Africa, with 24 hours delivery, when its one-hour delivery slot is selected.

PnP has maintained its position at the top of the food chain by offering convenient online experiences to its customers, good availability, and as well as delivery in one-hour time stamp.

It has two main online distribution centers. The Western Capes and Gauteng had be expanded with online picking warehouse.

Pick n Pay Clothing

Here, I will let you into every details about Pick n Pay Clothing. And my guide here will shade you off every pitfalls that are associated with buying clothes from Pick n Pay Clothing Store.

Let’s get down to business,

Have you been looking for a place to buy fashionable, quality clothing and footwear at affordable prices? If So, Pick n Pay Clothing is the right and best place to buy from.

I have personally got good numbers of clothes from them, and I can attest to their quality and affordability. This Clothing Store is a one stop store for your clothing and footwear.

PicknPay Clothing Store operates in 4 different countries in Africa, which had its head quarters in South Africa. And with 217 standalone stores. Out of these 217 Standalone stores, 200 are company-owned and 17 are franchise stores.

PicknPay Store offers range from men’s and ladies’ fashion to baby and children’s wear, and as well as casual wear active wear, formal attire and sleepwear. The quality and price for Clothings are uniform across all its Stores, be it a company-owned or franchise.


Pick n Pay Liquor

Next on our list is Pick n Pay Liquor Store. Adding to other numbers of Stores controlled by this e-commerce giant, is their liquor store. At this liquor store, you are sure to get the best drinks that money can buy.

PicknPay Liquor Store operates in 6 different countries in Africa, which had its head quarters in South Africa. And with 467 standalone stores. Out of these 467 Standalone stores, 241 are company-owned and 226 are franchise stores.

The Liquor Stores are not hard to find, because they are situated close to their supermarkets and hypermarkets, but with different entrances.


Pick n Pay hypermarket

Here we are again, I guest by now you should be familiar with the Pick n Pay hyper. This by far the largest store format in store controlled by the owners of Pick n Pay.

This Megatron provides customers with broad range of groceries, clothing, liquor and general merchandise.

Pick n Pay Hyper Store operates only South Africa. With only 20 company-owned stores.

With no doubt I would say that this is one-stop place to buy fresh produce, deli, a butchery, bakery and hot food counter.

In the hypermarket, you will get other categories not always available in a supermarket. This includes appliances, kitchenware, home improvement tools, garden and pool accessories, toys and an expanded health and beauty range.

This is the largest as stated above, with wide aisles and extensive parking, and they cover for destination shoppers.

Prices are friendly, learning towards multi-pack and bulk-buy items. Just as small as 6 Pick n Pay hyper can provide a bulk wholesale offer to more than 400 traders and franchise.



Pick n Pay Specials and catalogues are available at every PicknPay stores nationwide and across the border, that’s other countries where its services and stores are located.

These Specials are provided to help customers get high quality products at affordable prices. The catalogues are as well available for a particular period of time, and also offer customers products of high quality at affordable prices.




This is a section of a company that is defined to helping customers in solving any issues they may encounter when transecting or shopping with them.

PicknPay has one of the best and responsive Customer service – when you contact them in other to rectify an issue, they respond almost immediately the complaint is laid.

You can reach PicknPay’s Customer care for queries, feedbacks or complaints using any of the medium below, that best suit you.


The Pick n Pay delivery timeslot are as follows:

Monday – Friday: 09:00-15:00; 15:00-17:00 and 17:00-19:00.

Saturday: 09:00-15:00; 15:00-17:00.

There are NO deliveries on Sundays and Public Holidays.


Drop your reviews about this company by using the comment box below. Your experience can be a stepping block for someone to making a right decision.


We hope you enjoyed and loved Pick N Pay: Definitive Guides To Buying And Selling 2021!

We have put together an ultimate guides for you to go through before buying and selling on Pick N Pay. This article will give you heads up on everything about Picknpay (such as buying and selling).

We will advise you go through the Definitive Guides To Buying And Selling on Pick N Pay 2021, thoroughly to get all that is need for you to get started with Pick N Pay.

Below is a quick rundown about Definitive Guides To Buying And Selling on Picknpay (2021).


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3. Pick n Pay Clothing

4. Pick n Pay Liquor

5. Pick n Pay hypermarket


7. Customer Care

8. PicknPay Delivery

9. Pick N Pay Review


Conclusion: so far I have been able to give you handful detailed information about Pick n Pay, if you are unclear of any part of this article, please air it in the comment box below…

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